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Nestled in the scenic beauty of Tampa Bay, WTR has transformed into more than just a pool and cabana bar, it’s now a premier destination for art enthusiasts. Spearheaded by artist coordinator Patti Suzette, WTR introduces a curated gallery showcasing monthly rotations of of paintings, sculptures, and mixed media creations by some of the areas best artisans. But the artistic experience doesn't stop there; check out the "birthday wall," a live-painting activation where you can watch muralists create a unique photo-op mural that changes each month to represent the current zodiac sign.

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The "Birthday Wall": Rojo the artist

Join us on June 22nd-23rd for the talents of Jorge Roldan who uses the pseudonym “Rojo the artist” is a 28 year old local artist from Tampa Bay, Florida. Rojo is known for his unique versatility of creation and is recognized for using all kinds of mediums to make artwork. He has painted multiple murals around Tampa and has artwork hanging in various places throughout the city. One of his goals is to one day paint the worlds largest mural. Rojo hopes to inspire and influence the new creative generation, and leave the world a better place than he found it.

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Meet the Curator

An accomplished artist and muralist in her own right, Patti Suzette proudly represents some of the best artists in the Tampa bay and its surrounding areas. Working with over 80 local artists who specialize in fine art, pop art and impressionism, she is proud to partner with WTR, one of our hottest daytime locations to bring an immersive art experience to Tampa Bay. Giant murals, largerthan-life custom sculptures, live painting demonstrations and a permanent outdoor gallery are all a part of what WTR is now bringing to the scene! Art galleries are fantastic, but they aren’t the only way to experience culture!

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